Where Two of Honor Meet, Where is There A Need for a Third?

“I love the valiant; but it is not enough to wield a broadsword, one must also know against whom.

And often there is more valor when one refrains and passes by, in order to save oneself for the worthier enemy.”


Christ was killed for flipping over the moneylenders tables in the temple…

Lincoln was killed for printing a debt-free, backed by silver currency…  the ‘greenback’…

Kennedy printed the debt-free two-dollar Silver Certificate- the two-dollar bill… then he gave the “President & The Press” speech…

Both of the silver-backed, debt-free currencies were immediately recalled from circulation on the day of their deaths.

Mick Jagger knew all this, and I believe “Sympathy for the Devil” is a ‘poke’… at those who called in those hits.

He even goes so far as to say, “We shouted out… who killed the Kennedies?… when after all, it was you and me”…

Nobody showed up and helped… most people don’t know where the True Front Line is at… and for so long as a populace has a segment within it that has been dumbed down to such a level so as to be:
unaware of the true workings of the sociopolitical world….

unaware of what is real money and what is not…

unaware of the difference between a right and a privilege…

unaware that something for which a permit or license is required… is otherwise illegal,

unaware that they were born and have lived… as a slave… a human battery, ala’  The Matrix..

unaware that they ‘could’ be the owner of all they see, but instead blame everything, when asked “what’s wrong?”- on him or her, them or they…

unaware that for so long as we have one yet among us who thinks “it’s all someone else’s fault!”…

unaware that for so long as we have one left among us with a child’s fears…

– we will always have  government.

Where two of honor meet, who do what they say they will do, and don’t do what they say they won’t do… where is there a need for a third?

Until then, round and round we go…

See The False Front Teddy Bear for further along these lines of thought and view, or even download my free book at the old myspace page.

Closer and closer to addressing The True Cause is closer and closer to the True Front Line, where ‘The Good Fight’ is…

If distracted by any other fight… then we are the enemy, and deserve masters… for we are the cause of government.

Come… come to the True Front Line… let’s find it together, hmmm?



This is for the Indigo & Crystalline Rippling-Inbreath-of-The-All… which has always been here.

This is for the Indigo & Crystalline Rippling-Inbreath-of-The-All… which has always been here.


The wave didn’t begin in 1978. It’s only now that we have a few parents evolved enough to realize that their children aren’t so messed up in the first place.

My Heroes, therefore, are the Heretics of History, for the suffering they endured at the very hands of the mob they were trying to help in order to bring us our Greatest Ideas and Truths.

It’s just a difference of degrees and no matter how thin you slice and measure the degrees, there will still be an opposite. For every Ayn Rand there is a Karl Max, each anchoring one end of a continuum, within which are all the types of different political views and systems. In the body of philosophy, Ayn Rand anchors one end and Immanuel Kant the other.

All the philosophical viewpoints that one may look at reality from within are in that continuum.

Somewhere in there, your philosophy can be found. For it to be your philosophy means you are inside it looking sideways at all the other philosophies… if and when you examine one of those other philosophies.

Any philosophical or political viewpoint, or any other field of mental constructs from within which people will enter, identify with, and peer out at the universe… limits what they see, with blind spots, degrees of distortion, areas of weakness – and it must be so, for everything within a continuum has an opposite, equally as valid to a different person living from within that opposite viewpoint.

We tend to become “prisoners of our paradigms,” in that the belief systems, or models through which we filter the universe, while ordering it for us, also blind us. The belief systems, or models which we construct to hold up in front of our faces and peer through at the Universe, can not illuminate or expose one thing to us, without blinding us to another. These belief systems then control us, in that they structure, shape, prohibit, and direct or prod our responses to events.

The only way to look at anything in a continuum completely objectively is to step out from within one of the boxes, masks, frameworks, glasses that are subjectivity; which means to distort-by-identifying-with-that-which-limits. It means to step outside of what others are in, their cultural, subcultural, social, accepted way of looking at things.

People throughout history who did that saw things in a fresh light, a new way. They then most often received ridicule, condemnation, punishment, and were often made outcast, ostracized and even killed… by the crowd of their age.

Whether you fall below the vibratory rate of the crowd… or rise high enough above it… either way you are outlawed.

You were taught to call these people geniuses, prophets, visionaries, inventors.

You imagine that if you had lived back then, you would have been standing there on the street corner with Socrates, soaking up the truth in what he said. You think you would have turned to Pasteur and said, “little bitty things I can’t see, causing all that? Let me look through that microscope!”

There were very few people standing there listening to Socrates, and Pasteur’s own colleagues ridiculed him, while refusing to look through the microscope to even see the evidence.

Genius after genius, visionary after visionary, these people who could step outside it all and see things in a new way became the Source of something. Time after time, these Sources were ridiculed, ignored and persecuted by most around them.

Where are you today? Are you the Source of something? Are you listening to the Socrates’ of today, or are you with the crowd… ignoring, ridiculing and throwing rocks?

Do any such teachers live today, or were all such kind of people only in the past?

Which side of the road or microscope are you standing on right now? Are you looking at reality through belief structures? Or are you stepping outside of them, away from your friends and society?

Or do you think your friends and your society have it all figured out? Look around you, does anyone you see have it all figured out?

Who are the conformists and who are the rebels?

And when will you start speaking up?

Come… join this song and let’s sing it loud, clear and strong.







Bad things happen when The Good hold their tongues. They don’t want to rock the boat or upset anyone.

Sing it loud… sing it strong…

The Last Collaborator

The False Front Teddy Bear: How to Find The Good Fight at The True Front Line

The following piece was sent to an Upper Echelon Corporate Executive who asked me to write a piece complaining about Barry Satoro (Obama) that he could mass-email out to his associates.

I refused. This is my refusal and the reason for it:

I’ve just put a great deal of time into what you asked of me.

I respect your concern for the brainwashed sheep being led to slaughter.

But, this… has forever been the way of things.

And for far longer than we’ve been told is true.

Ala’ ‌ the matrix.

You couldn’t know that you were doing so, but… you have forced my hand with your request of me.

Because, what you think you should do,

won’t achieve what you want it to do,

but instead will only make things worse.

It would, actually, be a score for the other team.

Because… you’ve been living in a dream world, Neo. (He loves The Matrix trilogy)

You’ve slept for a bit and lost track of the time.

The Front Line has been moved several times and you were about to get tricked into investing energy in displaced anger onto a ‘false target’. ‌ It (in this case obama) was put there for you to act as a diversionary energy sump, a false front, a talking head for you to fuss at and throw your little temper tantrums at so that you squander your energy upon a target of no significance.

Fighting that battle is to lose the war.

So we have to back and fill a little. Have to catch you up.

The first question you should be asking… is what year this is.

Because, you think it is 2011, but you actually live in the late 80’s somewhere.

Which makes communication difficult between us.

Very difficult, because I’m at The Front, and here it is sometime near the early 2200’s.

So work on it in chunks, because I’m going to download everything I can to you from here.

I have been protecting something that I should be sharing.

Find time for this… ‌ and the next packets to come. This is more important than much of what you are doing. Because, by the time I’m done bringing you up to the present, you’ll find you’ve been tricked like I’m about to explain below.

There are many places where they’ve duped you into focusing your attention and awareness so that you are squandering your energies on the chaff they’ve been filling your airspace with.

Your finding the time to read these packets is the scene where Neo’s body is freed from the matrix by the silver hacker program that converts the false body he had believed himself to be… back to the data bytes from which it was formed.

Neo had been trapped, unknowingly, in a false word where all that he battled with mattered not to the true enemy. No ground was gained and no matter how great an achievement were his greatest hacks… all that he worked towards getting, and everything he dreamed of doing or having some day… was literally not even real.

As soon as Morpheus and crew showed him the truth of that claim, he realized he had been squandering an awful lot of energy on absolute foolishness considering the real and true predicament he was already caught up in.

I Am… the hacker program trying to free you of the false body that binds you to the matrix. It was created FOR the machine world as an interface with YOUR consciousness.

This false body has never benefited you. It has only benefited them.

… here come my helper bots…

…… looping in spirallic pattern of data retrieval and content transmission…

…………safeguard after digestion for considered rebroadcast…

……….‌………….”Hang on to your slippers, Dorothy… cuz ‌ kansas is about to go byebye”.

At kids clinics of any kind they always have these stuffed animals for the kids to play with. But the kids are really rough on the stuffed animals there, because they can be.

The animals aren’t theirs, so they dump their negative energies into those toys like you wouldn’t believe. The icky, nasty stuff that only a pre-verbal or early verbal child can produce as a feeling or thought about mom or dad, brother or sister that they can’t let out or accept as being theirs.

I spent awhile with a group ‘clearing’ those places; pulling the negative energies from the toys and eating it, basically.

The mind samples every possibility. It’s a parallel-processing neural network that runs all its systems the way it wants to because we don’t know how to do so ourselves; because the instruction manual was taken from us so we can’t be a threat to them. We’re busy fighting with our-self and others all the time. ‌

Here’s why:

When we were very young, we had all kinds of thoughts and ranges of emotion, visual images and impulses that just don’t seem right to us to be having or feeling about mom or dad, ‘I love them’ and ‘Good kids wouldn’t have a thought like that’, about mom or ‌ dad.

‘I have to be a good kid’… At a primal level every child’s greatest monkey-brain fear, feral and raw with potential anguish, is the FEAR of abandonment. Especially the pre-verbal with no language center yet activated, ‌ as it is the insane logic of our reasoning language center that overrides feelings and pulls men out of feelings which are of the body and up into the head where men live.

We bury and suppress the part of us that holds that evil view, because a good son doesn’t have those kind of thoughts about his mom.

But the flawed false self has to develop a sense of self, and so what it truly is the author of, ‌ but cannot/will not claim or accept authorship of, it rejects as being not-of-me.

Then some very large chunks of energy that were to employed as available resource base for the whole has instead now been converted into ballast and become an energy sump inside us. The energy vested within these parts upon creation was enough battery juice to keep em running for 100 yrs.

So there’s a deficit just from their being created, then disenfranchised and excised by the whole.

Add that ever present deficit, until you go in and get that all back, TO the amount of continuous never ending ‌ current our system must expend to keep all that buried away from us. And, it actually has to create and also sometimes sacrifice already created assets meant for somewhere else, to divert and jettison them to a dedicated-task – to go in there and forever wrestle with your ickies to keep them from hacking you from time to time and grabbing the wheel.

That’s when you’ve said these things… as one part of you apologized for the actions of the other, “i’m sorry, i didn’t mean to say that. i don’t know what came over me, i wasn’t in my right mind, i wasn’t my usual self, ‌ something came over me, i just lost it.”

And as the host of it all, you, cannot hear the significance of what all-of-you in there are saying, nor hear it in others.

You are said to be lost in… the ‘illusion of a continuous I’. (Gurdjeff)

One part likes something, but the other doesn’t.

One part says I’m not going to drink a beer, another I says I’m not going to skip workout, another says I’m not going to eat all that and a different part pops up and says I’m not going to get angry when I see him…

We don’t have to wait but a bit to hear the same… body… but apparently not the same person, not the same I, say, ‌ I am going to drink a beer, I am going to skip working out. Another says, I’m going to eat that food and another part says I can’t wait to tear into him.

There’s pretty much a part for every want imaginable somewhere inside each of us.

For every part that is in approach motivation towards the object of it’s programmed attachment, more energy gets wasted as everything has to have an opposite, and so a part with opposite values is created within us as counterbalance.

You have between 1000-3000 programs running inside you that have never been shut down because for every part we create to do something for us, a part is auto-generated by the system coordinator that is wired by default just to exist as the opposite of what you just built.

And so part of us wants to be calm, only because there is a part that uses ‘not-calm’ to get things done.

There’s a part that is wired to be sympathetic to others, only because there’s a part that gets a protective sense of security-gain by being unsympathetic. ‌ That stance keeps us from feeling their hurt.

We’re a glittering mountain inside of these dualistic pairs trapped as suicide mission enemies slaved together as combat partners in a dance of struggle against each other to maintain the very balance of the universe itself.

That’s how serious our parts take to their assignments. When given their ‘go’ orders, they’re like we are when in a hypnotic state and whatever we are told, we believe completely, because we don’t have the protective critical mind booted up with which to argue for us.

What we told those parts, in our greatest moments of fear, worry, pain and suffering, anger and thoughts of violence… what we told them…when we wrote them their mission orders, and, often we screamed it at them – all of it they believed to be true… always true, never to be untrue for a moment, but, true as an absolute, as a constant.

They believed us, for always.

We can go get them all back and the full total complete doing of cleaning all that out and reclaiming all the energy is regarded by the Wisdom Traditions, Great Schools and Teachers as the single most difficult endeavor that is possible for a human to accomplish.

It is so difficult even when a whole civilization supported it culturally as a phase-of-life right and requirement, a task acceptable to all for you to begin, ‌ at the right age. ‌ 0-20 grow up, 20-40 care for the family, at 40 walk away with a bowl, spoon and loincloth to disappear into the streets… to find and regain your True Self, your Authentic Nature.

Even during periods of total cultural support for the endeavor and well-mature fully established Great Schools to receive you and help you, and true teachers waiting there for you, it was even then regarded as the lowest probability outcome expectation they could think of, for a human to tackle as a goal.

I am making several important points with this and will string em all together at the end.

Now to The Battle… as compared to The War

It’s a strategic trick that by far predates Tsu’s Art of War, but the ‘other’ still falls for it every time.

False Front, false flag op, to get you fighting in an extended battle of no further strategic significance to the enemy and no real risk of loss to that enemy, even if you do win the battle.

Your opponents you are throwing yourselves at in these skirmishes are left there for you, sacrificed by the whole and assigned with the mission to let you beat up on them and pummel them and chase em all over so you feel productive.

When all you were actually thrown was an old stuffed animal, in a high-probability strategic wager by the True Opponent at The Front, that… you Will Have to attack the teddy bear and then you will lose track of where The Front is so you can’t come help your fellow Soldiers who ARE there.

Everywhere is this principle, and we are forever fighting the wrong battles… never to win the war.

So, because of a true, structurally developmental need, based on an actual, existing flaw of development… for the NEED of a justifiable target to throw our ickiness upon and feel ok about feeling that way… towards an… ‘other’…

…we hate the enemy at that moment, when really that animosity we feel for that justifiable enemy is still yet, after all this time, hate which is actually for the very parts of us we rejected and pushed down inside long ago.

The hate we feel for the enemy is hate we felt for those we loved… and we, not knowing this, displace our built-up stuff from being angry at a loved one ONTO the justifiable teddy bear as an outlet for being hateful toward something we created but aren’t yet mature enough to own.

Yet again, another false front op. A strategic-‌sacrifice-offering of jettison-able resources to tie up a pursuer is a high-probability play because it relies on and depends on a seeming flaw in our programming where we will fight something or hate something… just because we seem to need to do so.

‘They’ know all this… at the Real Front… and they’ve been using this and a lot more against you for your whole life… AS a Science of Control.

That’s why they shut down the Great Schools. That’s why they have hidden so much from us. With all of that inside us we are no threat to them. ‌ We’re plenty preoccupied with refusing to take responsibility for it and have quite enough going on inside to keep us busy, so that we never show up at The Front.

Go back if you want to and count up each place I pointed out squandered energy. Imagine who you might have been, if The Enemy hadn’t acted so thoroughly in the past to make sure you weren’t born into an environment today that could support a healthy beings emergence on this plane.

After counting up, so to speak all, that energy… turn it into a % of diminishment it causes us to live as. Then add the vaccines with mercury for a 10-30 point drop in IQ and then factor in the fluoride we bathe in and drink for a full 30 point drop.

I have all of that diminishing most of humanity by 1/3 to sometimes over 1/2.

It serves to make sure that they are not a threat to the order of things as they will be busy enough just struggling with themselves and against others. That way, they can actually build an agency just out of a need to chase em all around, catch em, spank em and send em to their prison room for awhile.

Another false front, in that we are angry at the wrong people again for the full prisons, high crime rate and the behaviors of our neutered and lobotomized, fluoride gulping neighbors.

Because of what it takes to not fall asleep in something out here, the first and biggest cut of your ranks went right there.

The next cut from your ranks will be from trying to figure out who to really be upset at, AND THEN actually letting go of all attachment and energy that had ever been displaced, vampired from you and redirected at false fronts by the treachery of The Enemy.

That was the real battery (in the matrix) they had turned you into so that they could redirect your displaced ickiness. Since we won’t take responsibility for it ourselves it is ‌ auto-directed by the universe as an outright and shouted demand – to manifest an entity who will do that for us… to act as that diversionary teddy bear.

Children need a parent.

So the devil shows up, offering you antidotes to counterbalance YOUR FEARS. And we sign it every time.

This cycle of tyranny, pain and growth will never be over as long as there is one adult left who still has a child’s fears.

That signature creates The State. It only exists because we ask it to, and in the end we really don’t care if it eats us, because we died the instant we signed our name.

You can not, cannot, cannot be upset at any government EVER for so long as it is your signature that brings it to life, in order to soothe your fears.

It is only a tyrant who would let you sign such a Faustian bargain in the first place.

In the doing of all that… there are now only two or three left who also made it this far, to stand beside you so very near to the Machine World (The Matrix) and The True Front.

Then… ‌ to find where the Real Front Line is, becomes the third cut; and by the time you discover where it is, you look around, only to notice that you now stand alone.

You are The Front.

It’s a total awareness from top to bottom that… being that, is what you came here for. It’s the purpose for you-as-being. ‌

This is me, because, this was meant to be…. me.

I know all this, because, it was my Purpose to know it. (The key-maker from The matrix)

The attrition rate is so, so, so high on this journey; it seems as if all the others who were once with you dropped way like skin cells all around you as you moved on and moved on, never stopping for long.

That attrition rate is so high, that by the time one is at The True Front Line… one can’t even take any credit for it, as there’s no one left who could receive it.

Anyway, enough of that mumbojumbo.

It’s time for you to begin. These are the Last Days.

It has always been the solitary heretics who broke out of the box, first to strike and then to become the new note, just above the vibe of the tribe at that time.

We leap from their shoulders.

The tip of a wave, the froth at the top, can not come to exist without the base of the wave, and if there were no frothy top where would be the base?

We’re not alone… and they cannot win. ‌ For the more that are held down in suffering and for the longer they are held down, the sharper and higher is the flight of the next one who makes it up out of the box.

These are the last days, because they’re closing the box now, for awhile.

It’s about to get rough.

But, suffering gives birth to growth.

So… ’round and ’round we go.

2nd transmission soon to follow…

Win-win for All.


Round & Round We Go: How to Break the Destructive Pattern in our Relationships

“Round and Round We Go”


There are things in life that just seem to happen over and over, even when we don’t want to repeat them. This is especially true in romantic relationships. It’s like we keep having the same kind of fight, with the same kind of pain, over and over again.

The awareness that we seem to be going round and round in a circle fighting with someone we love, can be the clue that leads us to freedom from the pattern of fighting and bickering, of hurting and being hurtful to each other.

If we are trapped in a pattern, and we can feel it, we can’t yet understand it, or it wouldn’t have us trapped. But, if we can sense that it’s a pattern, that’s a beginning – because, if there is a pattern to it, it can be figured out because anything in a pattern can be broken.

The only real way to get free of a pattern we don’t know we’re trapped in, is to become very watchful… slow down a little bit… and keep a sharp eye.

We have to find the bars of the cage first, and then we’ll know it’s shape. Once we know the shape of the cage, then we can study it real close. ‌ Then, we could figure out where it’s held together… ‌ and then how it’s held together… and then… we have a real chance to break out of it.

Wouldn’t it ‌ be easier to break out of a cage that we don’t even know the shape of… if someone who’s already broken out… would come back and give us some clues, wouldn’t it?

Even then, with someone telling us every single little detail about the patterns that have us trapped… it would ‌ still have to be really, really difficult.

Do you know why?

Because, both of us… both of us… have to be contributing to holding the pattern together and keeping the rhythm going.

It takes two… to tango.

For some of us that’s going to be very hard to admit… considering how many times we’ve said… ‌ that it’s all the other’s fault!

I can’t give you personal self-honesty. ‌ I can’t give you courage. I can’t give you the strength and endurance and will power you’ll need… to take a good, hard, look at yourself… and stop blaming the Other for everything.

I can’t give you the darn keys!

But, I can give you some clues…. ‌ everything you’ll need… except for the items on the list above.

Well, maybe one thing… a special clue… that might give you a lot of courage. ‌ It’s a real brain-twister though, once you think about it.

What if, and I’m serious now… what if… the only thing… THE ONLY THING… WHAT… ‌ IF… THE… ONLY… THING… holding the WHOLE pattern together…

was the only thing that makes any sense… it’s the only thing it could be…

The only possible reason or explanation… for why we could be trapped so tight in an obvious pattern and held in it by something that we can’t see… is because it ‘s something WE CAN’T SEE…

And if it’s something we can’t see, then… to find it, to see it… it has to be… it MUST BE… in the one place we’ve never looked… or the one thing neither of us has ever done.

What if ‌ it’s… all your fault?

It has… to be… your fault.

What if the whole pattern would collapse… if just one of you stopped blaming the other and took a good, sharp, honest look at yourself?

What if, upon discovering what ‌ you have been contributing… that because of it’s being discovered and seen and admitted to… it stops?

No more Tango.

Because discovering what you are and have been contributing… but were unaware of and denied… is… the way out… and, it’s the ONLY way out.

And that… is The Key.

Now, even with The Key, you still need all the clues below.

Because it really is very hard, even though you have the key… it’s hard for the same reason you’re trapped… because you ARE the key…

And you are really committed to holding onto the idea, the lie, that when you are unhappy…. it’s always someone else’s fault.

Good Luck, because…

It doesn’t matter whether we are wounded deeply by someone, or just a little let down and disappointed. They might have done the most painful thing we could have imagined, or, all they did was not really pay enough attention to us and were preoccupied with other things and so we just felt a little sad.

Big or small, it hurts, and it’s just a difference of degree. ‌ We then do all manner of odd things and strange behaviors because of that hurt.

Usually, the first few steps happen in a split second. Often so fast we don’t really even know the true thing that started us up, the first thing that started all the bad energy. We’ll even go to the degree of telling ourselves that we don’t hurt and we don’t care. It’s that important to us sometimes, to maintain the Lie… that, it’s all their fault.

Before we start, Here’s the only real breadcrumb you need: ‌

Whenever we are upset and in that ‘stiff energy’ towards the other… like they are the enemy, and in that moment we really don’t like them… ‌ our stance, our anger or wall… is a strategy of denial, so we can hide the truth from our own self and then we don’t have to admit that we threw some stuff out there too… and so that we can avoid having to look at and deal with some of our own icky stuff inside, we project our ickiness we need to be dealing with… ONTO THEM.

Up next is that first part that happens so fast we don’t know it. This is the part where we’ve got to slow down till we can see every step ourself.


Whenever we feel hurt by someone… by their actions, inactions, what they said or didn’t say, how they did say it or didn’t say it… we don’t want to… feel… that feeling of pain and hurt.

We don’t want to be there… IN that feeling.

That is ‘avoidance motivation’ – we don’t want to be there and we try to get away from it… to move away… we want to avoid it… ‌ ‌ so we reject… that feeling.

Avoidance of… ‌ is the same as to protect ourselves from… or to defend ourselves from that feeling… so we are threatened by it… and we want… to stop feeling it and stop feeling threatened.

Those are the first steps that most are unaware of flickering through. Who we are , in a sense of the word… IS a-pulling-away-from-that. Those are the steps you’ve got to slow down, to tear into and learn to stop it right there.

Let the hurt feeling have you. It’s not as bad as you think. Actually, it’s not even real. We’ve never truly felt it because we are… a reflexive pulling away… from that feeling.

You are responsible for your inner reaction. Nothing outside of you can be responsible for your happiness or… lack of it.

If you don’t absorb that hurt, but instead pull away from it… like you have your whole life… the very next step is an act of violence, on the part of both men and women, in that… we wish for and act upon… forcing change upon another, because of what we feel inside.

As if they could be responsible for our happiness. And they are, because you deny that responsibility yourself and instead displace your anger at you… onto them, and here we go…

With the – wanting to stop feeling that… there is a movement towards… and a search begins for… an antidote for, a solution to, or, cure for the problem we are in.

Here there is discovered a tremendous difference of defensive-‌response-strategy between:
a feminine energy, feeling type, who is grounded in the body with it’s emotions and feelings which are designed to override the mind and, in most cases is a woman…
and a masculine energy, thinking type, who is grounded in the mind which is designed to override emotions and feelings and, in most cases is a man. ‌ ‌ ‌

With women the feelings are waiting there ready in an instant to override the mind, so that they will care for and nurture their young. The mind will not lie to them and pull them away from the home and child. Emotions are more honest, but, honest fear in battle and combat, is called panic.

Feelings are of the body and the mind can protect us from feelings by lying to us… and we believe the lies. That’s a masculine trait… to be ready for battle. Humans are apex predators because the mind can keep you calm when you should be FEELING panic and going hysterical. With men the mind is waiting, reflexively ready in an instant to override feelings, which are debilitating in regards to battle and combat and moments of great physical stress and fear.

The feminine energy, feeling person, upon feeling hurt, needs time to process the feeling… because they feel it so long and deep and strong. Feeling types have to face and deal with and process the hurt. It doesn’t go away for awhile. It’s there for a reason.

The masculine energy, thinking type, flashes into feeling hurt and pops right out of feeling and back into mind and thoughts… and then… wants her and the situation to be back to normal… right now at this very instant.

He’s already over it… and she has just begun… this whole… process thing.

So when, in both types, there is a movement towards… an antidote for, a solution to, or a cure for the problem we are in… we then desire to, and want to correct or change or fix… it. And the ‘it’ we blame and then try to fix or correct, which is a rejection of them as they are now… is our very Other we had just been telling that we love…?

We blame our inner experience on the… Other.

We claim the cause of what we feel inside us, to be… out there – a situation, a thing, an event or person. Whatever we have to do to convince ourselves is the cause of our problem, we will do… and justify to ourself… that it is their fault… just so we don’t have to feel… and face up to… and deal with our own ickiness.

We displace that ickiness, project it upon the other, then attack that as the other and actually feel hate, because it’s our own ickiness we see – ‌ and believe it to be, actually believe it to be… theirs.

Rarely do we find the courage and self-honesty, to finally accept the fact of it’s existence within us and all that it implies… and to just be… with our ickiness, ‌ long enough to realize what we need to know.

But when we do, and we get through it, ‌ we each find out the same thing… that can be realized by all of us, one by one, if we would but do the work of it.

You are not that ickiness… and none of it was really yours; it’s all the stuff your parents, family, friends, husbands and wives put in there for you. You believed it and came to think that it is real.

So until we can gain the personal power to watch ourselves long enough to see just how this circular pattern goes around and round within us, we will never know the truth of what we carry within and hide from every minute. ‌ Instead we will buy the Lie about what is within us, accepting it to be real and icky and displacing our anger and shame on others for what we believe we are inside.

That way nothing is ever our fault, ‌ Whenever anyone asks us why we are sad, or angry, frustrated, upset, worried or jealous, it will not be our fault… because we can point our finger to say, “he did it to me and she did it to me and they”.

But for so long as we insist on living this way, we will continue to blame ‘Others’ for causing how we feel inside.

We will commit ourselves to a strategy to deal with, to correct and fix, that believed cause.

Women, when hurt by someone, or threatened by something, enter ‘avoidance motivation’ ‌ and pull away from what causes hurt. Women pull away inside, and close up, put up walls, tune out, block out, ‌ put up a shell… shut down the mind and… feel. They need time to process their feelings, to get away and be left alone, to isolate.

When a women is pulling away, inside, and closing up, putting up walls, tuning out and blocking out… a man…

He translates that into being rejected… ‌ He’s supposed to take care of her, his role, his whole job is to protect, provide and profess his love. And she’s rejecting him, scared of him, sees him as a threat. So as long as she’s isolating and walled up, nothing is fixed yet, things aren’t right and he must go into action.

Men, when hurt, or threatened by something, enter ‘approach motivation’, and move toward what is causing the hurt. Men move towards what they think is hurting them. ‌ They attack, come at her verbally and physically and don’t want to stop until she comes back to normal and she can’t process and come back to normal if he keeps coming at her and she tells him and tells him, but he can’t stop.

If he stops he will have to feel the hurt. ‌ His attack… IS an unconscious strategy, it IS an unwillingness to admit to… and to feel… to be… that hurt.

If he doesn’t stop, figure himself out, her walls will just get thicker and higher till one day they’re not together anymore.

And if she doesn’t stop putting up walls, closing off and isolating, she could become so unavailable that he’s finally crowded out and leaves to find someone more accessible to start that whole crazy pattern over again, because he brings it with him when he comes. That plus what his new Other brings with her… it’s a sure bet ‌ that…round and round they’ll go.

So… we must, each of us, one by one, unravel the pattern of this dilemma within ourselves.

It begins with you watching… you. You are the pattern… you are the dilemma.

Men and women process feelings, thoughts and emotions so differently as to never have any real idea what the other is actually going through, or how they live, think and feel inside.

So differently from one another so as to say that until… you figure out you, you have NO HOPE of figuring out the Other.

Until you figure out you… in relationships you will always be translating everything from the Other that ‌ you see, feel and hear into… ‘Do they love me, or do they not?”

For so long as this is the way you live, you will always be undecided, no matter how they act or talk or sound, because you will always be mistranslating the data and sometimes feel slighted, neglected, ignored, unappreciated, unloved. You will always feel these things, but it has nothing to do with the Other. You are most often mistranslating anyway and creating all of that all on your own.

Not because you are being slighted by your other, or neglected, ignored, unappreciated and unloved, but instead because you have slighted you, neglected and ignored yourself, and until you… ‌ appreciate and love yourself enough to figure out you… you will always be asking of another to do for you what you cannot even do for yourself… and since you cannot do all of that even for your self, how can you do all of that for your… Other? So they will also always experience feeling slighted, neglected, ignored, unappreciated and unloved from time to time.

How can you translate all their stuff correctly, especially when they are wired so differently, if you couldn’t or wouldn’t ever fully translate all of your very own stuff?

And so… round and round you’ll go.