About The Last Collaborator


I am a natural collaborator, a natural-born heretic and an edge-walker who broke most every rule there was. Starting in kindergarten, I read 1-3 books a day for 35 years.

In the third grade I jumped up in the middle of class and said to the Social Studies teacher,  “I get it! We’re here to be capitalists, right? If I know where a well of water is and someone is thirsty: I don’t tell them where the well is – I sell them a cup instead! That’s capitalism, right?”

She said that was a “good description of capitalism.”

“Then I’m done here! I’ve come to tell them where the well is!”

I pushed my books off of the desk – the books they were going to spend a whole year with that I had read in a weekend – and I ran over and climbed out the window!

I walked miles to get home and I was never going to go back.

I had already realized that there was nothing there of value – there was only a lot to distract you with.  I had already noticed what was missing.

They made me keep coming back for years!

Every big pile of books I chewed through, each field of ‘science’ – had a big hole in the middle that only the Heretic Mind can find, because Ordinary Mind fills in all the gaps.

Look at the brightly colored object nearest to you and say out loud the truth of what color it is!

Then realize you also spoke for the backside of the object – the side you can’t actually see.

Your mind took direct evidence and spread it; extrapolated it, into the area of which you have no evidence – and you just gave False Witness!

The Solution; The Answers; The Truth… the Healing we need for what plagues us – our enemy – is hiding on the backsides of everything, right there in plain sight…. if we could just stop painting over the truth with extrapolated falsehood.


Be the light you seek, then spread it everywhere you go.


There is only the mission: Win-Win for The All, The One that we are, with no single human on this planet left out.

While even one person is suffering, The One that we are is also suffering.


“i”… am a lightbringer, a guide, that, while upon each human journey, as the reason for the journey, rejects the Control Systems from the very beginning- with the will required to do it; then seeks resolution between contradictions found both within the outer world and the inner world within himself- ‌ who discovers, reveals and makes seen what is hidden or obscured, first ‌ for himself, and then for those who are ready to see it.

It is The Most Difficult life-path a being can choose to experience while in the container of human form, once fired upon its clock-spring journey.

The very beings the guide is here to serve and save, are the very beings that will flip against and turn upon the guide in persecution of the messenger so as to not be destroyed by the message, in order to defend the Falsehood of their Lie they have come to believe in, as being who they are. (The Matrix: Scene: Woman in Red)

As the ego, in the first phase of life, IS a Stance of Denial, it does not want to know – what it does not know.

It has everything all figured out and has an opinion about everything, even places and items and thought-structures it has never seen directly, physically been to, or existed as, peering out from within.

So a guide has by this time in its journey at which point you and I are rejoined together now, become immune, internally, and completely accustomed to an endless repetition of encounters as just happened with Gary. (Written to a Private Member)

With nothing to lose and nothing that can be taken from ‘me’, the guide, ‘i’, risk being shot by what was a ‘woman in red’ this time in the form of Gary, eternally and without hesitation with every being encountered.

That very rejection and persecution is both the catalyst for movement and the compass point to follow that sends A Guide, unerringly, to within a group so that it may encounter “The One” it promised, long ago… to be here for.

If it ‘makes it’ to a level of development capable of revealing what is hidden – and The One it has an appointment with, also ‘made it’ to a level of development mature enough to accept, receive and integrate the territory being revealed – after the opposing view that obscures it drops away- ‌ the vibratory rate of All Existence is affected. (The machine world notices… it lost some code)

The ego must become mature enough to be willing to die, let go of its views, admit that what it believes is at least slightly wrong, to admit that it is not getting the results it claims to want, to have that tickle in the back of the mind that somethings not quite right(Morpheus).

It has to WANT SOMETHING or be SEEKING FREEDOM FROM SOMETHING to even know A Guide had made a stop and held out an offer… for them.

(when neo tries to get out of the car and trinity says, “You’ve been down that road before, Neo”.
Neo is mature enough to realize- not – ‌ what he doesn’t know, but at least that it may be possible that there is something he does not know.)

Gary wasn’t there yet. He still ‘knows’ the road has something for him, got out of the car and chose the blue pill.

(NEO had been down that road… enough to admit there really wasn’t anything there that was real, and, chose the red pill).

One day- not mine to project, which day, or, even in which life; but, one day- Gary will tire of his road, his way, and become able to admit that it has never really gotten him to any place… Real.

Only, if, at that point of maturity, will a neo-woman in red even notice that a guide had appeared.

If it didn’t make it- to defend the continuance of its ways of viewing and operating on its reality – it will create the opposite of a lightbringer, respond to this self-defensive creation/projection sprayed upon the messenger and condemn the guide, as not even just useless, but worse than useless, and, as an enemy needing defended from- to then say – “go away”.

(The government agent in defense of a System of Control- The Stance of Denial the ego exists… as)


The minds first function is to reduce the amount of available data extant in its environment… to a level that allows translation, instead of overload.

The brain, the mind, is a reducing-valve.

Are the sounds and colors that bats and dogs detect in our environment disturbing you right now?

Because, it’s really noisy in this plane, and, the sound waves and photons are striking your sensors, and they are sensitive enough to be affected by the impact, but the brain is tuning it out – with ‘white noise’, so to speak.

So the mind, by design, fills in gaps, so that there are no mysteries. So that survival strategy-containers, our programmed reflexive responses, boot up more rapidly.

What color is the sofa or chair or box or car that is nearest you right now? Turn, look and answer for yourself.

Do you realize, in statement of color, that you spoke for the backside of those objects and filled in the unknown with extrapolative projection?

That… you spoke for what you have no direct evidence – and swore a fact to be as truth?

The mind sees what is and spreads an extrapolation of what is over the gap.

They shove you towards this great big building full of books and label it as the collected knowledge of this field or that field and the mind sees all that it has to absorb instead of instantly seeing what is missing.

Those that created this as a control system labeled this one the educational system and know that it imprisons you. ‌ Many have suffered and often died trying to save you from the group which imprisons you with all of that as a substitute for reality.

Not a single thing in any of those books is real. The Real cannot be negated, no matter the extreme one goes to.

It remains.

Regardless of how many times extrapolative projection might be correct; as a methodology it creates an answer that has a probability for error. What if i painted the backside a different color or hid a message there?

The answer that can’t be proven wrong and creates no probability for error is to say, the side facing me appears to be red, I won’t speak for the other side of it, which would be ‘bearing false witness’.

That’s why fastening onto or following and trying to solve what is a mystery to you, leads to psych/spiritual growth.


Growth is a… discontinuing to allow the mind to fill in the unknown with falsehood.


My Motto: Win-win for The One we are!

My Goal: Truce! Get your feet off of our neck and…


This has been my mission, and I have known it, since the latter part of kindergarten. This body is 50 yrs old.

James Clark


3 responses to “About The Last Collaborator

  1. Someone told me you may be able to help me with something…they talked as if they knew you personally…if you couldget in touch with me it would be great…nothing weird or stupid but its rather deep and normal minds wwouldn’t understand…its some pretty deep stuff…thank you for your time

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