Where Two of Honor Meet, Where is There A Need for a Third?

“I love the valiant; but it is not enough to wield a broadsword, one must also know against whom.

And often there is more valor when one refrains and passes by, in order to save oneself for the worthier enemy.”


Christ was killed for flipping over the moneylenders tables in the temple…

Lincoln was killed for printing a debt-free, backed by silver currency…  the ‘greenback’…

Kennedy printed the debt-free two-dollar Silver Certificate- the two-dollar bill… then he gave the “President & The Press” speech…

Both of the silver-backed, debt-free currencies were immediately recalled from circulation on the day of their deaths.

Mick Jagger knew all this, and I believe “Sympathy for the Devil” is a ‘poke’… at those who called in those hits.

He even goes so far as to say, “We shouted out… who killed the Kennedies?… when after all, it was you and me”…

Nobody showed up and helped… most people don’t know where the True Front Line is at… and for so long as a populace has a segment within it that has been dumbed down to such a level so as to be:
unaware of the true workings of the sociopolitical world….

unaware of what is real money and what is not…

unaware of the difference between a right and a privilege…

unaware that something for which a permit or license is required… is otherwise illegal,

unaware that they were born and have lived… as a slave… a human battery, ala’  The Matrix..

unaware that they ‘could’ be the owner of all they see, but instead blame everything, when asked “what’s wrong?”- on him or her, them or they…

unaware that for so long as we have one yet among us who thinks “it’s all someone else’s fault!”…

unaware that for so long as we have one left among us with a child’s fears…

– we will always have  government.

Where two of honor meet, who do what they say they will do, and don’t do what they say they won’t do… where is there a need for a third?

Until then, round and round we go…

See The False Front Teddy Bear for further along these lines of thought and view, or even download my free book at the old myspace page.

Closer and closer to addressing The True Cause is closer and closer to the True Front Line, where ‘The Good Fight’ is…

If distracted by any other fight… then we are the enemy, and deserve masters… for we are the cause of government.

Come… come to the True Front Line… let’s find it together, hmmm?


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